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Facebook – Server-side tracking set up with a maximum of five events.

Everything here has been emailed to you.

Server-side tracking is not like just adding a pixel. There's a lot to it, and it needs to be done right.

As the saying goes, rubbish in, rubbish out. We're not the right choice if you want someone to rush this through. We take our time and get it done within seven days.

There are two stages to setting up server-side tracking.

Total Quote USD $1,500.00 (100% Money Back Guarantee)

If you want to get started and go straight into your onboarding call, click the link below.


Deposit $250 + Balanace paid on completion. All rates are in USD. Does not inc costs of approx USD 20 per month
Please let us know if you want GDPR set up and linked to Server Side Tracking. We charge USD 150 to set up, and the cost to do this per month is approx $10 per month. 







This is where we check everything with you, ensuring we have all the correct information and that you have confirmed your desire to work with us.

G-Ads Conversions and Facebook Pixel & CAPI Events configuration, including Enhanced Conversions & EMQ (depending on website data Layer):

  • Check dataLayers on your website/landing page and configure the dataLayer and supply code to fix.

  • Check existing FB Pixel & CAPI events (if any) in the FB Ads account.

  • Planning for the new and required Events & Conversions tracking for Facebook & G-Ads and confirming with you to ensure we have your set-up correct.

  • Confirm your events and names and precisely what we will do (Up to five events only).


Obtain access to GA4, GTM, AdWords, Business Manager Facebook and website(may not be required; however, we will notify you if needed)

How do you want to work with us?

A) Via Zoom: You must allow two online meetings. Meeting one will take 30-45 minutes to check all your settings. Meeting two will take around 180 minutes for us to add changes to your assets.  If you are time-poor, this is not a great option.  Generally, people become frustrated when sitting around in front of their PCs.


B) Remote Access: Everything will be done remotely, and we will tell you we need access.


This is where we connect everything to the new server (Stape) and configure all your variables, triggers and events, and your technician will get to work.

  • Creating the required GTM (Web & Server) Containers, Stape sGTM Container, etc.


  • Configuring all the GTM (Web & Server) and Stape (sGTM) containers accordingly,


  • Adding a Subdomain in Stape sGTM Container to create the 1st party Server URL,


  • Adding new DNS (A & AAAA or TXT) records to your Domain registrar or providing DNS records info,


  • Once DNS records get verified, we will upgrade the Server URL and GTM Script with Power-ups,


  • Configuring required Variables in GTM Web Container to pull needed info. from dataLayer,


  • Configuring all required Triggers that help us fire Facebook Events & G-Ads Conversion tracking tags correctly,


  • Confirm and set up Conversions Tags on GTM Containers,


  • Confirm and set up Facebook Pixel & Conversion   API Tags in GTM containers and enable the Event De-duplication (Configure up to five events).


  • Set up and check Event Match Quality Score (EMQ). (BO US)


  • Monitor current tracking records and lift the EMQ to a 6.5 - 8 score out of 10 (depending on the website data layer and Customer-provided data on your website). This will lower your cost per conversion on Facebook. 


  • 30 days of support via our private group 24/7

USD 1,500.00 - Deposit $250 (Plus any local taxes if they apply)


So, there you have it.


We will begin if you click the link below and enter your credit card. Your data issues and server-side tracking will be resolved within seven days.

See you on the other side.

McGen Digital 
Server Side Tracking Team

4Whetu Plave
Level 1
New Zealand

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