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Choose your pricing plan

  • Manage Social Media Content

    Every week
    Two posts per week from existing long form content
    • Mainly for TikTok can do Instagram or Facebook
    • Two short form content videos to landing page
    • All videos will be less than 45 seconds long and edited
    • Posts made to your own account
  • Server Side Tracking

    GA4 - AdWords - Facebook - Tag Manager & intergration
    Valid for 3 months
    • Configure including set up of correct DNS
    • Container set up inc triggers and varibles
    • GA4 events server side set up
    • Facebook events server side (keep existing webside tracking)
    • AdWords Set up server side
    • Check all data layers
    • 90 days free email support
    • BONUS: Set up Enhnaced Conversions AdWords
    • BONUS: Set up Events Match Quality Facebook
  • Server Side Tracking Clients ONLY

    Free Plan
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