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Tracking Specalists & Short Form Content. 

McGen is an agency specialising in helping existing businesses get more out of what they already have. We specialise in Server-Side Tracking and Short-form video content for all socials. We have 19 years of experience in Digital Marketing and know the pain of getting things done when your time is limited. If you want your tracking sorted or your content repurposed across social media, that's all we do. And we do it real fast!




Short Form Content

Turning Your Content Into Engaging Short-Form Videos
Publish hundreds of top-quality short-form videos a month.
Channel all traffic towards your primary socials or landing page.

Creating thousands of views, turning into leads.

This leads to a phenomenal surge in growth, which helps increase branding, revenue, and sales.

Weekly Catch Up's
One-on-One Support 
Lifetime Support
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Server Side Tagging

Set up GA4 Analytics
Set up integration

Google Tag Manager Set up

Server Side Tracking Set up

Enhanced Google Conversion

Facebook Event Match Quality

100% Money Back Guarantee

One-on-One Support during set-up
30 Days Free Support
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We're a tightly run agency with a tight focus on two things we do really well. 

McGen is split into two main divisions. Tracking and Creation. 


This is the face of your brand that leads to your landing page. Short-form content in 2024 will be a must-have if you want to bet the costs of paid advertising. Benji, our avid content creation person, has over four years of experience in organic content creation for his brand, which has over 30,000 followers. 


With over 14 years of experience and 1,200 clients, generating over 100,000 leads with online media spending exceeding $7 Million with Facebook and AdWords, John certainly knows his stuff. John sold his company FlyMeHigh Limited in Dec 2023 and in the last 9 months spent crossing over all his digital assets over to Server-Side Tracking. The difference it made was mind-blowing. 


Successfully sold over $7 Million in leads. Instrumental in generating over $960,000,000 in Real Estate referrals. Recognised as the Marketing Agency of the Year by the National Business Review for billings under $20 Million. Proficient in offline sales tracking and maximising lead conversions.
Best creation of leads: 
Founder of, a pioneering lead distribution system facilitating real-time lead sales and payments.




Fly Me High
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John McCarthy

John McCarthy

With 25 years of working in advertising and marketing, I found a passion for online lead generation, which gave birth to, a very successful digital marketing company I recently sold in Dec 2023. During this 14-year tenure as CEO, I worked with 1200 clients across 12 websites, attracting a Google Ad / Facebook spend of $2 Million per year and generating over 100,000 quality lead conversions. My ability to foresee the evolving changes in the lead generation space has opened my eyes to server-side tracking. This will be a Game-Changer for anyone investing in PPC. I've created a unique server-side tracking process and integrated this into all the websites I've managed. This resulted in a 22% shift in conversion costs while drastically improving the data quality. I am now ready to share this technology with like-minded clients. 

Benji McCarthy

Hi, I'm Benji, your dedicated organic content creation expert. With over four years of hands-on experience in the dynamic realm of social media, I've mastered the art of elevating brands through Organic Growth to scale to new heights through captivating short-form content.

Specialising in platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Shorts, and Snapchat, I've helped numerous brands amplify their social presence, reaching audiences in impactful ways.

I've cultivated my own brand to a following of over 35,000 individuals while pushing over 15 million views every 60 days. 

Benji McCarthy
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