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How to give access to GTM (Google Tag Manager)

Updated: Apr 10

This short video here shows you how to do this

Granting a contractor access to Google Tag Manager (GTM) involves several steps. Below is a detailed guide:

Login to Google Tag Manager:

Visit the Google Tag Manager website:

Sign in with your Google account credentials.

Access Container:

Once logged in, you'll see a list of containers (if you have multiple). Click on the container to which you want to grant access.

Navigate to User Management:

In the top right corner, click on the "Admin" button.

In the left sidebar of the Admin panel, locate and click on "User Management" under the "Account" section.

Add New User:

Click the blue plus button with a person icon labelled "Add Users".

A dialogue box will appear where you can enter the contractor's email address.

Select Permissions:

After entering the contractor's email address, you'll see a dropdown menu to select permissions. For contractors, assigning the minimum level of permissions necessary for their tasks is recommended. Generally, "Read" access is sufficient unless they need to make changes.

Options usually include:





Notification Options:

You may choose whether to notify the user immediately via email or not. This depends on your preference and company policy.

Confirm and Send Invitation:

Once you've selected the appropriate permissions and notification options, click on the "Add" button to send the invitation.

Contractor Accepts Invitation:

The contractor will receive an email notification with an invitation to access the Google Tag Manager container. They need to accept the invitation by clicking on the provided link in the email.

Contractor Logins and Accesses GTM:

After accepting the invitation, the contractor can log in to Google Tag Manager using their own Google account.

They can now access the specified container with the permissions you've assigned.

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