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Using Facebook? Then you need to know about Event Match Quality.

Updated: Apr 10

If anyone uses Facebook marketing to sell their product or service, you need to read this. In 8 days, our team elevated our Event Match Quality (EMQ) score from a modest 3.5 to a commendable 8. This swift enhancement in our server-side tracking tactics delivered a superior quality of leads and clients and significantly slashed our cost per lead by an impressive 30%. This transformation underscored the importance of understanding and optimising EMQ to bolster our ad campaigns on Meta.


So, what exactly is Event Match Quality, and why does it matter?


Event Match Quality is a pivotal metric gauging the accuracy of user data parameters tied to server events transmitted to Meta. A higher EMQ score signifies greater precision in linking server events to user profiles on Meta's platform. This linkage directly impacts the attribution of conversions in our Facebook ad campaigns. Essentially, the higher the EMQ, the more reliably conversions are attributed, leading to enhanced campaign performance and ROI.

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Moreover, a high EMQ score empowers Meta's ad system to gain deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviours. This enables more effective targeting, ensuring our ads are showcased to individuals who exhibit similar characteristics and are more inclined towards our products or services.


Understanding the significance of EMQ, let's delve into strategies to boost this crucial metric:


Include Relevant Customer Information Parameters: When transmitting events to Meta via the Pixel or Conversions API, incorporating various customer information parameters can significantly enhance the likelihood of matching events with Meta accounts. Prioritise high-value parameters such as Email and Click ID, followed by Medium-priority parameters like Facebook Login ID, Birthdate, Country, Phone number, External ID, and Browser ID. While parameters like Lead, First name, Last name, City, Postcode or Postal Code, and Gender carry lower priority, they still enrich the data pool for improved matching accuracy.


Consistent Data Transmission: EMQ scores are calculated based on the most recent 48 hours of data. Therefore, consistent event data flow is imperative to maintain current and accurate EMQ scores. Regularly transmitting event data helps Meta establish robust user profiles, facilitating more precise matching of events to user accounts.


By adhering to these strategies, our team witnessed a remarkable transformation in our EMQ score, resulting in tangible benefits, including enhanced lead quality, reduced cost per lead, and improved campaign performance on Meta's platform.


It's important to note that while optimising EMQ offers tremendous advantages, it's equally crucial to be mindful of data usage regulations, particularly in regions like the EU and California. However, such rules may not be as applicable in New Zealand and Australia. Nonetheless, it's prudent to stay abreast of evolving data privacy laws to ensure compliance and ethical data practices.


By prioritising accurate data transmission using server-side tracking and adherence to best practices, we can unlock unparalleled opportunities for targeted advertising and robust conversion attribution, ultimately driving business growth and success. If you want a quote to set this up, then go to for an instant estimate.


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